Marvel’s Jessica Jones Gets First Teaser Trailer

There’s no denying the absolute success that was Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix.

Jessica Jones

Its combination of gritty legal drama with even grittier vigilante justice was just the right dose of psycho-melodrama that the Marvel Cinematic Universe needed – not to mention finally washing away the taste left by Fox Studios’ 2003 box office abomination and giving the man without fear the live-action representation he deserves.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones (formerly “Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones”) is the second of four planned interconnected Marvel series that will debut on Netflix over the next two years – with Luke Cage and Iron Fist to receive their own series before teaming with Jessica Jones and Daredevil for Marvel’s The Defenders series.

If Matt Murdock is the MCU’s downtrodden freelance attorney-by-day / vigilante-by-night, then Jessica Jones is the Marvel’s underdog private investigator-by-day / super-hero-by-also-day.

Check out the trailer, then block your schedule for some binge-watching when Marvel’s Jessica Jones hits Netflix on Friday, November 20.