VIDEO: ‘Arkham Origins’ Full-Playthrough on ‘I am the Knight’ Difficulty

VIDEO: ‘Arkham Origins’ Full-Playthrough on ‘I am the Knight’ Difficulty

In case you were one of the woefully numerous gamers who fell under the common misconception that Batman: Arkham Origins wasn’t worth your time, here’s a complete video playthrough just for you!

In our review of the game two years ago, we praised Origins’ still under-appreciated multiplayer mode as well as its cohesive narrative and focus on exploring the genesis of the psychological fixation that exists between Batman and the Joker. Though the game had its bugs features, its focus on character-driven suspense and awesome boss battles make it my favorite Arkham series entry to play again and again.

One of the greatest gems of Arkham Origins is its “I AM The Knight” difficulty setting. Unlocked after completing New Game Plus, starting a new game in this mode removes all combat assists (the little Spidey-sense lines over an enemy that inform Batman to counter an imminent attack) and institutes PERMADEATH. That’s right, you have to play the entire game without the availability of any “continues.”

Now, watch me Batman the hell out of this game.

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