Review: Runbow Is The Best Game You’re Not Playing

As a Wii U exclusive title, Runbow had the utter misfortune of being released just two weeks before the highly anticipated Super Mario Maker (which itself had a somewhat… ominous release date). Nintendo fans saving their hard earned dime for the big brand release in September may have overlooked this colorful gem.

Runbow’s six game modes are varied yet easy to pick up – their own names providing the┬ácontext to get any player in the swing of things quickly enough. At the core of each mode is the game’s color-based mechanic. The 2D world’s background hue randomly swipes from one fluorescent color to the next and any matching-colored object in the foreground disappears.

That bright orange ledge you were just jumping for as your friend was bearing down behind you just as the world decided to turn its dichromatic nature against you? – gone. Act quickly or enjoy that bottomless plummet.

Runbow is simple, stylish, snarky and clever multiplayer-couch fun. Check out the trailer above.